Bright Leaf Red Hots 10 LB Box (about 80 red hots)

Bright Leaf Hotdogs



This is a 10lb box of the original Bright Leaf Red Hots packed loose in a box. This is typically used in foodservice or a setting where you 're cookin' for a lot of folks!  There are about 72-80 red hots per box. 

Customer Reviews

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Silas Hooper Jr
Brightleaf Hot Dogs

I lived in North Carolina for several years. I could hardly wait to get more brightleaf hotdogs 🌭 when I ran out. I always grabbed 4 of the big bags and 1 small one to eat on way home. Then my work took me to other states. They did not have them. Same as where I am now. But I'm able to order them and received my first order a while ago. I'm getting ready to order my second batch. They did an awesome job sending my first so I know I will always be able to them from now on. Thank you so very much.

Taste of home

I grew up in North Carolina and you see the Red hots and all the bright leaf products all the time but since I moved it state New York it's hard to receive anything here and there's nothing to taste like the taste of it the brightly from down south that's order it online and stuff I want to order my second order but I'm still trying to work on getting my 25% discount

Jalissa Spell

Born and Raised in NC, red hots were always a staple at any gathering! Now, living in Michigan, I have yet to find any hot dog or sausage as good as Bright Leaf Red Hots. I've been here 4 years. Friends and family have grown tired of me begging them to mail me some from Food Lion so, I took matters into my own hands. Twice, I've ordered the five 1 lb bags but, honestly, that seemed to just be a tease. LOL. This 10 lbs box is definitely the way to go if you love Red Hots like me. My boyfriend is from Michigan and he's obsessed :) I will be a Bright Leaf consumer for life, no matter what state I live in. The hot dogs, chili, and smoked sausage are phenomenally delicious, as well.