North Carolina Hot Dog Culture & Traditions

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When you spot those distinctive red hot dogs at restaurants or cookouts, chances are, you're looking at a Bright Leaf Hot Dog. While there are other red hot dog brands, Bright Leaf is North Carolina's original and iconic red hot dog, crafted from fresh, local beef and pork.

For over 80 years, Bright Leaf Hot Dogs have held a cherished spot in North Carolina's heart. Originating from the innovative mind of Mr. Jones, the founder of Carolina Packers Inc., these franks were dyed red to distinguish themselves as a genuine Southern delicacy and stand out among the competition. Today, the tradition is so strong that many locals won't even consider a brown hot dog!

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How do North Carolinians eat their hot dogs? Ask for a hot dog ATW (All The Way) and you'll get...

north carolina red hot dog toppings

  • Mustard & Sometimes Ketchup
  • Chili
  • Slaw
  • Diced Onions 

Bright Leaf Hot Dogs are more than a meal or just another hot dog. They're a nostalgic legacy. Their immense popularity means that no other hot dog will do for many North Carolinians. Generations have grown up savoring these hot dogs at family events, picnics, and celebrations.

Experience an authentic taste of North Carolina's rich culinary history. Bite into a Bright Leaf Hot Dog today and savor a uniquely North Carolinian flavor.


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