August 19, 2020

North Carolina is home to a lot of unique and delicious food. One of the most well-known and unique foods in North Carolina is a Bright Leaf Red Hot Dog. But what's even more special is how people eat them.

Carolina Style is one of the most popular ways to eat a hot dog in North Carolina, but not too many people outside of our area have tasted this delicious masterpiece. It's more than just adding mustard to your hot dog, it's "give me one all the way."

Here's how to make a Carolina Style Bright Leaf Hot Dog...

Carolina Style Bright Leaf Hot Dogs

  1. Grab yourself a bag of 1 lb or 2 lb Bright Leaf Hot Dogs, Bright Leaf Chili, coleslaw, onions, and some mustard
  2. Cook the hot dog(s) to your liking
  3. Chop up the onions
  4. Put the Bright Leaf hot dog(s) in a bun.
  5. Add mustard
  6. Put on the chili
  7. Put on the chopped onions
  8. Add the coleslaw
  9. Take a bite
  10. Enjoy!

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